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Covfefe Time

Other than "Covfefe," several items of interest caught my attention on Twitter today. The first, new genetic research from Egyptian mummies, that reveals what some historians had already guessed but others prefer to ignore; namely that the mix of ancient peoples don't always closely reflect populations today.

Egypt has always been a tough one as it's frequently demonstrated an unfortunate collision between those that wanted the pharaohs to be black African and those who wished for the polar opposite. The scientific reality of their genetics, as you’ll read, lies vaguely in between and settles a long-running and completely meaningless argument.

What we do appear to know very clearly now is that ancient migrations from both Africa and the near-east and Europe made populations quite different from modern times; you only have to look at the depictions of the battles with both Sea Peoples and Libyans on the mortuary temple of Ramses III.

So, in the Berber people of North Afr…

Return of the Native

I had been writing for years. Features, magazine articles, this weblog and even a book, once upon a time and then I quite suddenly lost my muse, my urge, my Mojo or whatever you might choose to call it.

So, outside of Tweeting’ prolifically, this is my first attempt to climb back in the saddle; going somewhat ‘retro’ and low tech with my very simply but somewhat ‘cool’ - in a Bohemian sort of way; OK, pretentious, Freewriter.

Quite what I’ll write about, I really don’t know yet but it’s very likely to involve technology or science or a bit of both, which is what I mostly do these days, when the world isn’t trying to drag me into being a full-time pilot.

Should you look back to the very beginning of this weblog; 2002 I think, you’ll notice how much the world has changed. There was no Social Media to speak of, no Facebook, Google was a big search engine among several and Microsoft desperately wanted the world to ‘Trust’ its Windows operating system. Bad people were starting to do nasty…