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The London Conference on CyberSpace

Over the last two days, the great and the good of the cyber-world have been gathered here in London at the Foreign Office’s Conference on Cyberspace.

Government representatives from over sixty countries have joined the online business community in looking at all aspects of the cyber-world and how we balance online security and freedom in the face of a growing challenge from online criminals and an increased level of online censorship of oppressive regimes.

The critical area of discussion has been over the issue of cyber-security.

Governments and businesses across the globe are seeing a rapid increase in the number of hostile attacks on their infrastructures. This year alone the UK Government has spoken publically of large-scale attacks on the Foreign Office and the Treasury, and former Defence Secretary Liam Fox commented in June that the MoD was under a daily attack.

We have also seen high profile attacks on Sony, RSA, and Lockheed Martin to name but three corporations. One thing we …