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Flying Through the Money Pit

Gradually reaching what I hope is the end of a very expensive instrument rating course at Stapleford Flight Centre; I've been doing it since March.

Having added somewhat to the size of the national debt, both in the simulator and in the aircraft, I'm rather hoping it leads to a future flying larger and more interesting aircraft but in the present economic climate, I'm not so sure! Have to stick to tugging advertising banners about!

Jury Ride

Strangely enough, I was flying a 'Jury Team' election banner all the way along the M25 from Rochester to Reading yesterday, having had no 'takers' for my 'Save Gordon' campaign.

While I was in the air, I could hear the rescue services looking for the reportedly missing light aircraft from Cambridge to Lydd; a helicopter and the Coastguard Cessna from Manston (pictured). I rather think that the pilot, a Swiss, I hear, may simply have gone somewhere else and forgotten the strict rules governing letting ATC know of a change of destination. I hope so anyway

Based on today's election results, I'm wondering, like many other, if our Prime Minister will survive the week or perhaps go down in history as Labour's worst poll performer since Michael Foot. The PM who nobody voted for and the Chancellor and then unlucky Prime Minister, who supervised the greatest 'Boom to Bust' phenomenon since the Great Depression of the 1930's

With both Hazel Blears an…