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Birds-eye View

I was up over the Bluewater and Lakeside shopping centres at noon today as a photo flight for one of the national newspapers. While everyone, the media included, appears to expect a record number of shoppers, I can tell you that neither one of the two shopping centres had what I would describe as an unusual amount of traffic and I did actually wonder if John Lewis was closed.

If I hadn't known it was Boxing Day, I might have thought of it as being a normal Saturday afternoon's trade!

According to the Dail Mail: "At Bluewater near Dartford, Kent, bargain hunters began queueing at 7am for a 9am start, clogging up surrounding roads. The centre's 13,000 car parking spaces were full by mid-morning."

That's not what I saw with my 'Birds-eye view' at the same time and not much traffic on the motorways either!

Xmas Eve Snaps

Captain Snap was flitting about just before noon today, taking photographs of the Christmas Eve activity below and particularly at the Westwood Cross shopping centre on the Isle of Thanet.
I've uploaded some of my photos which take in Westgate, Margate and Westwood Cross on to Flickr and you can find these here.
I can't admit to seeing as many people shopping as I would have expected at the peak time of the retail season but judge for yourselves!
My apologies for the quality as they are not as sharp as I would wish. The light is very poor today and the best my camera could offer for a high-speed aerial setting was ASA 500. I'm tasked with going over Bluewater for one of the daily papers on Boxing Day and so I'm hoping for rather better conditions then.

Falling with Style

Not for the nervous flyer perhaps but the video below displays such outstanding airmanship on the part of the pilot, that other than gawp with admiration at his skill and fast reactions, I can't really pass comment!

Hot Flush - Warm Mac

When I first had an Apple 'MAC' Powerbook, some years ago, I wasn't really that impressed but since then, I've started using Windows Vista and I keep looking longingly at Macintosh adverts, wishing I could afford one.

There was a time that Apple could boast that the Macintosh platform was a pretty safe place to hide from computer viruses and malware but not anymore. So best post this YouTube advert quickly before Apple tries to deny it ever existed!