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So, I've decided to go after an instrument rating; more money, more exams and even more stress but perhaps I'll be able to fly something much bigger at the end of it all, rather than simple banner tugging, who knows? I've got to get through more navigation and maths work first.

I've spent several sweaty hours over the Reading festival today and I probably look as tired and bedraggled as the pilots in the photo.

Ironically, I saw a couple of Spitfires and two World War I fighters, a Nieuport and an SE5A in close formation this afternoon, a wonderful sight from a bygone age.

On Auto-Pilot

It's almost as if I had forgotten to post to my weblog completely in recent weeks!

I guess I've been busy with the Airads business and just as importantly, finishing-off my commercial pilot's license.
Having passed the final flight test (GFT) , with no more right to fly in God's clean air than a weasel or at least I'm sure the CAA examiner thought so, now what? The GFT and the pre-test, the 170A were each two hours of stress-filled torture that left me wondering why, at my age, I was putting myself through it. Almost two years of my life has been lost in cramming for the exams and learning to fly with the absolute precision demanded of a commercial pilot.
After over ten years of flying about, you might think that I could fly already. True, but rather like taking an advanced driving test, one has to be able to demonstrate control and knowledge of a complex aircraft in a manner which is acceptable to the CAA and their examiners as a public transport pilot. It comes as a…