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In the Twilight Zone

I’m living in the twilight zone or at least that’s what it looks like to me.

Do you remember, Mitch Kapor, Ray Noorda or even Philippe Khan? If the answer is ”No”, then I’m showing my age as the fourth and greatest software Musketeer, Bill Gates leaves the stage vacant for Google, to spend his retirement doing good works for humanity with the wealth of his Windows revolution.

There was of course a time before Microsoft ruled the earth and today I can look back at episodes of the industry’s history with real nostalgia; such as when four of us started a small company called Novell (UK) in London’s Regent Street or when I shared a Boston taxi, with a chap called Ray Ozzie, who had just been demonstrating a product called ‘Notes’ to the senior management of Lotus Development.

“I’d rather see the Red Army marching down Wall Street than a thousand Visual Basic programmers” Borland’s Philippe Kahn once told me when I met him in California. It didn’t quite happen as he predicted but the 80’s i…

Alex Allan - Get Well Soon

I'm very sorry to hear that my old friend, Alex Allan, the present chair of JIC, the Joint Intelligence Committee has been taken seriously ill.

Alex, was of course the original e-Envoy and I dropped into to see him for tea and a chat at the Cabinet Office a few of months ago. Until most recently, he was in charge of the Ministry of Justice and last week, I gave a technology presentation to the Ministry's IT people at the QEII conference centre in London.

Anyway, I do hope that Alex recovers swiftly, he's a charismatic character, with a passionate interest in new technologies as well as the pop group, 'The Grateful Dead'; an unusual mix for a senior civil servant.

Get well soon!