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Two busy days at the Isle of Wight Festival over the weekend, which meant that I missed the Margate Airshow, which is a pity. However, lots of good coverage over the Isle of Wight and two marriage proposals, so a good result.

I've been working on the presentation to the Ministry of Justice next week. It's a personal view on technology, eGovernment and the overall meaning of life, well almost but 'Scrat' from the movie, 'Ice Age' does put in a brief video appearance to help the presentation along.

Which reminds me, as I'm typing away here, I have to write a column for the local newspaper, "YourThanet" before I forget!

In Search of Justice

So far June is turning into a disappointment, at least where flying weather is concerned. I had to abandon a marriage proposal over Canterbury yesterday on account of the low cloud and the drizzle. One feels desparately bad for the client but even trying one's best and warning that "It's very iffy", the ordinary man in the street doesn't understand what's involved in the operation and that I'm certainly not going to risk crashing an aircraft in a futile attempt to "pop the question."

I suspect it's all because the public are used to stepping on board the occasional Easyjet flight to Barcelona, whatever the weather and expect to arrive without incident. There's a world of difference however between a Boeing 737, flying at 35,000 feet with tens of millions of dollars of instrumentation and a Cessna 172, flying ten feet off the ground trying to "hook" a banner in poor visibility and a strong crosswind. The one involves mostly press…

Who Am I Today?

It's one of those week's where I start to exhibit a split personality!

I was in London on Wednesday, chairing a very succesful "IP Risk 2008" conference but at the same time, the banner advertising season is starting to peak, both in terms of booking and enquiries. As a result, swapping hats and personalities, picking up aircraft and delivering speeches, is all a little challenging at times, leading me to wonder, "Who am I today?"

"Variety" is of course "the spice of life" but whoever said that can't have had an aviation business to run while simultaneously worrying over rising fuel prices and the global economic implications of growing Chinese intellectual property theft on a scale which is hard to imagine!