Margate - Struggling on the Fringes?

I see that I'm given a quote in today's Observer newspaper story on Margate, a fair account, I thought, written by Home Affairs Editor, Jamie Doward, who paid the town a visit last week.

Jamie has clearly used several local weblogs, as well as a meeting with our local council leader, Sandy Ezekiel, as the backdrop for his story, which shows Margate fighting for a future of urban regeneration and an arts renaissance, against an uncomfortable backdrop of arson, deprivation and crime.

I commented: "The seaside towns of southern England increasingly find themselves struggling on the fringes of the London-centric economy, ill-prepared to meet the harsher economic realities of a changing Britain" and I think this is true but with Margate at least, having a vision of what it wants to be once the Turner Contemporary gallery is built.

The future of Margate is however a subject which stimulates strong emotions and you may recall I suspended my popular ThanetLife weblog for just this reason. So read the Observer story and decide for yourself on who may be right.

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