No Take-offs - Just Go Around

Flying is "Off" for today. It very much looks as if a significant Atlantic depression is hurtling in our direction and so by the end of tomorrow, it could be time to secure children, pets and loose objects against the forces of nature.

Monday appears to be the day of the big storm and that is predicted to coincide with some very high tides and so I will be curious to watch how far the sea comes up the road outside my home.

I'm down at Gatwick, visiting the CAA on Monday, and so it will be interesting to observe how the big passenger jets deal with the bad weather predicted. Most of us have now seen the lucky escape of an A300 Airbus landing at Frankfurt at the end of last month. Great credit to the crew for reacting so quickly on the throttles. The video of what happened also illustrates the tremendous thrust a modern jet aircraft turbine can produce in an emergency go-around situation.

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