A Long Time in Politics

Looking back through this weblog, I see that at the end of last month, six years had passed since the front door of No10 Downing Street closed behind me.

I was seeing Ed Richards that morning. He was the senior policy advisor to Tony Blair and I had been asked along to talk about ideas for the new "Broadband Britain." Since then of course, Ed has been made Chief Executive of OFCOM and I've become a member of the Conservative Party.

Something changed in Government after 2002. In some ways it resembled George Orwell's story, Animal Farm and today, after a decade of the same Government, it is far more pronounced and indeed visible to the broader population. Peter Hitchin, in his book, 'The Abolition of Britain' started to worry about this cultural revolution as far back as 1999 and I really started to notice its influence in the corridoors of power in 2002. Things were not quite as they seemed in the new politics and I doubt they will ever be the same again.

We are all part of a great social experiment with nothing comparable since perhaps 1066. Six years ago, the writing was on the wall but today you read all about it in the newspapers; the legacy of a series of grand plans that have, in the opinion of many, Bishops, editors and politicians alike, contributed to the growing notion of a broken society.

Who would have thought it six years ago? It's a very long time in politics if you count it in Ministers and Prime Ministers past.

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