945 and Falling

I can't recall ever seeing a pressure front of 945 millibars on the forecast before. That's an 1,836 foot pressure difference from normal!

935 mb was the lowest ever recorded, I'm told, which is another 270 foot difference but to place it all in context, imagine standing on the beach and then imagine descending another 2000 feet.

On the left, you can see the chart for later today and I can see why the Met Office are worried by this storm. If the arrival of this approaching cold front coincides with the tides and the wind direction on parts of the exposed coast, then once again, there is a risk of damage and flooding.

It didn't happen last time but it is the the same combination of natural forces that led to some really big storms in the past and so it will be interesting to see how I describe the result in Monday's blog entry!

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