Handbrake Turn

Well, that’s the multi-engine test flight completed; a little stressful, if you can imagine a driving test in the sky with the examiner in the right-hand seat.

“Treat me as a passenger, with a full safety briefing. Otherwise I will say nothing during the flight unless it’s to instruct you to carry out the different exercises.”

I’m taken back to the very distant past and another examiner telling me that that I will have to "demonstrate an emergency stop" in my car. Not quite the same in a large aircraft as they don’t tend to stop very quickly!

Changing over the failed engine during an asymmetric go-around almost caught me out, as I had been yawing one way and by switching engines I was yawing the opposite way and misjudged the circuit angle as it takes much longer to turn the aircraft to the left with the right engine failed than the converse.

Anyway, I survived, so what’s next, a Boeing 737 perhaps or a Citation, who knows but there’s a lot more to do and study before I get that ambitious.

Difficult to get either of them into a short grass airstrip too!

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