Gone Political

Just in case your'e wondering, where the political aspirations have got me after May 3rd, the people of Westgate-on-Sea, returned me as a councillor today and to be honest, I was surprised to find I topped the poll.

Ten candidates ran in Westgate and the principal results were:

- Simon Moores (Cons) - 754
- Tom King (Independent) - 696
- Brian Goodwin (Cons)- 687
- Ingrid Spencer (Cons) 673

The full Thanet local election results can be found here. Overall it was Conservatives, 33 - Labour,19 - Independent, 3 - Ramsgate First, 1

Next up, a Conservative government, I hope, before the country descends any further into the moribund, centralised and politically correct anarchy that now surrounds us!


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