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Showing posts from May, 2007

Gone Political

Just in case your'e wondering, where the political aspirations have got me after May 3rd, the people of Westgate-on-Sea, returned me as a councillor today and to be honest, I was surprised to find I topped the poll.

Ten candidates ran in Westgate and the principal results were:

- Simon Moores (Cons) - 754
- Tom King (Independent) - 696
- Brian Goodwin (Cons)- 687
- Ingrid Spencer (Cons) 673

The full Thanet local election results can be found here. Overall it was Conservatives, 33 - Labour,19 - Independent, 3 - Ramsgate First, 1

Next up, a Conservative government, I hope, before the country descends any further into the moribund, centralised and politically correct anarchy that now surrounds us!

Going Green

Amid all the election excitement, that I've developed a distinctly green tinge, as you'll see from the story here.

I was over at Earl's Court exhibition centre on Tuesday, chairing something called "The Green Technology Initiative", a new forum that will become a knowledge resource for IT industry managers and directors that want to reduce the carbon footprint of their business.

Mind you, with two aircraft in my own business, being truly green presents a challenge and as far as I know, Lycoming engines won't run on Rape seed oil.