Snow - Lots of It

The snow has gone for now but it's cocked-up my day, with my aircraft sheltering at Manston and frantic adjustments having to be made to the Invicta FM flight which I'll have to try to get James Hemmings airborne in tomorrow.

Meanwhile, You can tell that ecrime is big this year and remote Westgate-on-Sea is now firmly the centre of the universe where challenging serious and organised crime online is involved. If you take a look at the e-crime congress website which is playing-up today, you’ll understand why it gets a little busy here sometimes trying to be a pilot in one job and keep everyone else happy with the phone buzzing from some rather unusual places in the other line of work.


Jeremy Jacobs said…

You of all people! There has not been lots of snow in the South-East today. It all came and went in a matter if hours. Compared to the winter of 1963, today was nothing and yet London Transport has to have delays, airports don't work, school-children have to have the day off (never in my day)and the word severe is used.

DrMoores said…
So tell me how I get into a snow covered and very wet grass runway with a 500 foot cloud ceiling then!

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