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Pandora Internet Radio

I'd like to wish all my readers a Happy & Prosperous 2007 ahead with a tip for those of you who maybe using the internet to listen to music online.

If you haven't found it already, try 'Pandora' its a profound shift in the way you can find the music you like and listen for free, Simply enter the name of the artists or albums you like most and Pandora will suggest a track to listen to. As youlisten, you rate the tracks and after a short time, Pandora, using something called "The Music Genome Project" will intelligently guess at your music tastes and build your own private internet radio station.

Try it, you'll be impressed!

Pandora - Find New Music, Listen to Free Web Radio

Lights Out

One man's view, my own, of what it's like to land at Manston airport in the dark. Busy day towing a sheet banner from Stapelford airfield in East London. This weekend has been the first decent weather in weeks.

The Matrix - Well Sort Of

I was caught-up in today's Observer news story that Matrix Chambers may have had to resort to legal action to defend themselves against internet pirates who are using Matrix's personnel, host of awards and high reputation in an apparent money-making scam.

Matrix called in the police after they became the latest victims of the growing phenomenon of cyber-cloning, in which a firm finds that its website has been copied by rivals. A previously-unknown outfit called Lando Attorneys, which purports to be run by two experienced barristers based in London, has copied the entire layout of Matrix's site and much of the material used to promote the chambers's services - including their description in the prestigious Legal 500 guide as 'arguably the finest concentration of talent at the Bar'.

I'm not quite sure the author understood what I meant by "website cloning" but it's a passable story and for once we cansit back and watch the lawyers fight it to a co…

I'm Sorry Dave

It's amazing what one can find on YouTube. The film 2001 made a huge impact on me as a boy, when it was released and arguably pointed me in the direction that put me where I am today. Here's a famous video clip from the movie. Can you guess which one?

In the Mud

Well, we are trying to get off the ground but the aftermath of a week's rain has left us grounded with all the airfields in Kent with grass runways closed. It's all very annoying and more rain is forecast this week. If things don't improve soon, we'll have to reposition to Manston until the county drys out.

We very much depend on the hospitality of small airstrips, as places to pick-up banners from. The larger airfields are of course much busier and invariably the circuits are full of practising pilots, which makes our work much harder and much slower... a bit like being caught in a city centre traffic jam. Unfortunately, the sea temperatures are so warm for the time of year, the chances of more gales and tornado weather are very high and so we may find ourselves struggling to find good weather gaps in December and January.

One client has already booked the "Fat Boy Slim" concert in Brighton on New Year's Day. Let's hope the weather is kind for him!

Variety - The Spice of Life

December has gone from being a quiet Christmas to a manic month of work.

Not only do I have to come up with some original thinking in a project I'm doing for Microsoft but I've now been roped into to Oliver Letwin's policy review - the technology part - through the Conservative Technology Forum.

And if that won't keep me busy, then there's a giant sheet banner to do over the 'Fat Boy Slim' concert in Brighton on New Year's day for Airads.

You'll notice that the aircraft repainting and re-branding is complete. Much prettier I think than it was before. Now all I need is the weather to stop blowing a hurricane, so that I can get a backlog of jobs in.

Somewhere in between all of this I'll try and celebrate Christmas!