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Balanced Coverage

I guess I couldn't have an F18 up here without having a Sukhoi SU37 to balance the reporting.

I've been in London this week chairing the "Tackling Organised Crime" conference. What can I say, twenty-four hours later a Russian dissident dies, which reminds us how 'Serious' and 'Organised' some groups are, with unlimited wealth and access to 'nuclear' weapons. My money is on them rather than the Kremlin although the line between the two looks fuzzy at times to the observer.

A Matter of Fact

A week ago, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web. told the Guardian newspaper, that the internet is “In danger of being corrupted by fraudsters, liars and cheats.” He added “"There is a great danger that it becomes a place where untruths start to spread more than truths, or it becomes a place which becomes increasingly unfair in some way".

Pointing to the appearance of a growing trust deficit in the online medium, Berners-Lee was particularly worried by the growing influence of Weblogs as a challenge to the development of the web, because of “The risks associated with inaccurate, defamatory and unverifiable information.”

Many, if not most of us would agree with him and perhaps Berners-Lee has unwittingly done ‘A Jack Straw’, by challenging the comfortable assumption that the Web is moving in a positive rather than a negative direction.

From an observer’s perspective, the internet appears to be racing in a direction that is increasingly unaccountable and out o…

Big Bang

City View
Two days of stunning November weather, with high pressure sitting over the country. This is the view of London's 'Docklands' early on Saturday morning, on the way out to Turweston airfield near Silverstone race track.

Expect lots of fog around on Sunday as a consequence of the Guy Fawkes fireworks celebrations. The carbon particles in the air will hold the moisture and unless the wind increases from the predicted overnight calm, we'll have perfect conditions for post-fireworks fog.

November 6th is commonly one of the foggiest mornings of the year.