China is Internet Number Two Nation

China has become the world's second most populous internet nation, with 20 million new users going online last year, according to research announced this week.

The total number of Chinese surfers reached almost 120 million last year, according to a report from US-based research and consulting firm eTForecasts

The top internet nation, measured by total number of users, remains the US, with 197.8 million, followed by China, Japan, India, Germany, the UK, and South Korea.

The worldwide total number of users is given as 1.08 billion, up 150 million since 2004. Global internet use increased almost tenfold from only 45 million in 1995 to 420 million in 2000. The figure has more than doubled in the five years since then, and is expected to double again to reach two billion in five years' time.



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