Boodah Rules

He seems a bit old to be tagging the promenade with graffiti I though but at least his boxer dog appears to appreciate his efforts. If the slogan “Boodah Rules” pops up anywhere else in Westgate then we know who to ask.

Looking back for a moment at impact of alcohol and binge-drinking on the New Year celebrations which overwhelmed the London Ambulance Service I wonder if government should simply raise the level of taxation on drinks over certain alcohol content and reduce it on those that are low or alcohol free. Thus the popular “Extra Strong” brews that lie in tall stacks along our 24*7 local supermarket shelves might be priced out of the range, of some of the same people that I see still drinking on trains or along the streets in the mornings. Perhaps this sounds like prohibition but if my favourite whiskey was priced-up and the result led to less binge drinking among the young that would be a price I’d be prepared to pay.

Put another way, with the shocking figures out on the number of children that now have to be treated in hospital for alcohol abuse, government needs to do something urgently and stop mumbling its discredited mantra on the arrival of responsible drinking in a twenty-four hour café society. This isn’t France or Spain and British have always had an endemic problem with the over consumption of Beer or Gin, all the way back to the Middle Ages.


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