Stacking Tin

The good news is that you can make Skype VoIP telephone calls from a laptop PC here at Garfunkel’s in Heathrow’s Terminal 4, over the T-Mobile wireless network that covers the airport. The bad news is that it took me three hours to get here on a motorbike this morning!

A lorry fire on the westbound Thanet Way this morning, virtually closed it and one can, as usual, walk along the tops of the cars along the M25 from Sevenoaks to Staines. If I had taken a car, Id’ still be somewhere in Surrey!

The food is generally so poor on BMED, the middle-eastern arm of British airways that I’m filling-up with an English breakfast before catching my flight in 30 minutes. With luck, this should see me to Amman. Normal service should resume later in the week between attempts at wireless posting from Jordan.


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