Intellectual Property Rights to be Reviewed in UK

OUTLAW reports that The Chancellor Gordon Brown has commissioned an independent review into intellectual property rights in the UK. I wonder if he’s read the Aedilles and Zentelligence-authored report, March of the Spiders?

The review, which will run for 12 months, will look at the way in which Government administers the awarding of intellectual property rights, and the support given to consumers and business.

It will consider how well businesses are able to negotiate the complexity and expense of the copyright and patent system, including copyright and patent licensing arrangements, litigation and enforcement. It will also look at whether the current technical and legal IP infringement framework reflects the digital environment, and whether provisions for 'fair use' by citizens are reasonable.

The Government has previously committed to examining whether the current term of copyright protection on sound recordings and performers' rights is appropriate. This will also be conducted within the review.


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