Dr Who meets East Enders

Dr Who meets East Enders. More politically correct casting from the BBC left me cold as one who still remembers the very first episode of Dr Who, filmed outside the Sun Inn in Barnes village, SW13.

Without a doubt David Tennant is an ideal choice for the role of the Doctor but why, I ask do his companions need to be steadily “dumbed down” as the series matures? How low can they go I might ask but I already know the answer, writ large in the disappearance of most if not all vaguely intelligent content on the BBC before 10pm at night.

After a while, I gave up waiting for the characters from Albert Square, the Mitchell brothers or even "Dot Cotton" to appear in the new series and why not too? Does a new Dr Who justify raising the TV license to £180 a year? What do you think?

Boredom is a necessary feature of existence. Without it there would be no need for the BBC


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