Directionless Gov

The Guardian reveals that government websites are still struggling to attract visitors despite extensive spending. Information published today by Technology Guardian shows that many of the government's internet operations are underperforming, despite vast funding and investment. One website, UK World Heritage Sites ( managed only 77 visitors last year and so in contrast, Zentelligence is doing rather well .

Meanwhile such is the criticism aimed at the Directgov website that some disillusioned “wags”, members of have created an alternative search engine for public sector websites called

They write: “We got so fed up with the general uselessness of the multi-million pound shambles otherwise known as the portal that we decided to build something better in under an hour. Sadly, we ran catastrophically behind schedule, but we still finished before lunch.”

“For free. Think of it as a gift. When it comes to searching for relevant UK Government resources, we think it beats hands down. Don't believe us? Just compare the two. “

You might want to try it out!


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