Linux, Evidence of Evolution or Intelligent Design

I was thinking of writing a piece on Open Source with the title, “Linux, evidence of evolution or intelligent design” and might get there yet.

Looking at the response to my last column on I wonder why I can write about every other subject on the face of the earth, up to and including multiculturalism and politics without receiving the kind of abuse that comes from mentioning Linux and Microsoft in the same sentence?

It only serves to confirm what I have written before and that is the semi-religious nature of the Open Source debate clouds any pretense of objectivity among many of its disciples. A sort of “Microsoft bad, Linux good” reflex which interferes with need for sensible debate on the subject.

In fact, I feel a completely new column coming on now, so I’ll stop and perhaps continue it for you a little later when I’ve thought about it so more. Until then let’s remember I’m more interested in weighing the different arguments than mud-slinging in the direction of one side or another in the debate.


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