Keep the Home Fires Burning

Entire families would be confined without trial in 'Colditz-style' camps under draconian new laws being drafted as part of a government drive to restore 'respect' in British society. It’s reported that so-called 'neighbours from hell' will be placed in 'sin bins' policed by private security guards with powers to detain residents and impose curfews. But where, I wonder will they build such detention camps and what measures will be employed to prevent such anti-social families escaping? Search lights, dogs, barbed wire perhaps?

Is it just me or are our political leaders in urgent need of a sanity check?


A sanity check is probably long overdue.

I suspect that this idea may have to go the same way as the new detention / clearing house proposed for the channel tunnel (in France) to prevent illegal immigrants.

As to Colditz, well, I can't imagine even the British government building a castle high up on a hillside just for a few offenders. More likely they'll be confined to temporary construction huts surrounded by barbed wire.

Aren't there still a few WW2 airfields free?


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