The Great Switch Off

The BBC are asking Parliament to approve an increase of the TV license fee to £170 an exorbitant amount of money to pay each year for the privilege of watching dramatic masterpieces such as East Enders and Holby City. I think I may have told readers what happened a year ago, when the TV Licensing Authority, accepted my online payment for a colour television license but sent me a Black & White in error, coercion and persecution were two words that spring to mind and illustrate the unacceptable face of the BBC monopoly in this country.

If you are prepared to pay £170 a year for the privilege of watching the occasional television gem, then that’s fine but £30 a month or less will probably give it to you on satellite or cable anyway. We should either demand that the BBC reduces its fee and its outrageous waste of public money or ask for a way of switching it off from our televisions completely, so as not to have to pay the license fee if we don’t wish to watch it. I think that’s what normally happens in a modern democracy.


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