Get Connected

I’ve just waited the better part of a day re-installing everything on one of my two laptops after … yes it’s true, another hard disk failure. I’m fully backed-up so data isn’t a problem but three hours of downloading Windows Updates, security and antivirus updates does rather make a hole in the day.

Worse still, perhaps, I’m at my wits end as to why my PC won’t see the wireless connection and router. More accurately, it seems to be seeing it as a live connection but returns a DNS error in Internet explorer, even though it shares identical settings with my other boxes.

The temptation to throw it out of my window is becoming overwhelming, it’s not after all the first time I’ve done this and normally I don’t have problems but I’m guessing that something in either the AV software or Windows security updates, has moved the proverbial goalposts. If you hear a loud bang during the afternoon, it’s my patience finally exploding!


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