Earthly Delights

Off to sunny Blackpool tomorrow to do a short “Turn” at the Conservative Party Conference on the competitive state of the UK software economy, kindly sponsored by Microsoft.

Such are the earthly delights of Blackpool that I won’t be taking my PC with me, so you’re unlikely to see any new postings until Thursday evening. Given the outrageous cost of an economy train fare and the danger of autumn leaves, it’s far cheaper and quicker to fly; possibly around the world given the relative cost of Virgin Trains, so I’ll wander-up past Birmingham towards Manchester and then sharp left towards Blackpool, tomorrow morning. It takes two hours from here.

There’s something surreal about party political conferences, especially in British seaside towns, when in the space of twenty-four hours, thousands of dark-suited political zealots and journalists are parachuted into a relatively small area with no Starbucks café in sight. Modern politics runs on cappuccino as you’ll notice if you visit Portcullis House at Westminster.


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