Three Blind Mice

Not much time to write today, as I had to feel my way through the fog to Denham, near Uxbridge, with a white stick today. The GPS is a wonderful thing. While you’re supposed to know where you are with standard navigational aids, it’s comforting to be able to position yourself accurately with this little miracle of technology. I couldn’t actually see the runway at Denham through the mist until I was less than a mile short.

Northolt give a better radar service than Thames radar, who are much too busy with bigger aircraft and in general, I find that the military controllers are a best first choice when you need to transit difficult airspace.

I’m reliably informed, promised even, that my Gazette piece on the Turner Contemporary et al will appear in the morning but may be edited to fit. In other words if an advert for double glazing or Jacuzzis is competing for space, we know who wins! I’m curious to see if the whole piece is printed and who it might offend!


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