Ignoring the Poor

Previewing a hard-hitting new Government study, eGov monitor reports that “Socially excluded groups are currently "very poorly served" by the UK eGovernment agenda.”

The research warns that eGovernment, at both national and local level, largely ignores the needs of 'hard to reach' individuals and is failing to adequately promote social inclusion. Similarly, social inclusion strategies rarely consider ICT's possible role, resulting in a strategic stalemate and lost opportunities, it adds. The study for the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) urges that social and digital inclusion be made a key priority in the future development of eGovernment and service delivery plans. The report includes fourteen policy recommendations – including a new single government accreditation body for e-accessibility and compulsory sharing of information between organisations. The report will be launched at the IDeA's local government e-champions conference. - eGov monitor


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