A Quick Test

I’m experimenting this morning with an add-on from Blogger to Microsoft Word, which allows the “Blogger”, in this case me, to post to my Weblog directly from my word-processor, Oh joy!

It looks easy enough, with an extra toolbar added to Word but what shall I write about I wonder?

The first thing that springs to mind is the Stockwell shooting last month. Apparently all five cameras on the station and the train, just happened to be out of action at the same moment according to leaked police reports, contradicted by London Underground workers, who say that this makes them look bad, because as far as they are aware, these were all working perfectly up until the time the police confiscated the VHS tapes from the CCTV control room.

Who does one believe I wonder or is this yet another conspiracy story set to run and run? Could one believe that London Underground’s CCTV camera could break-down as regularly as their trains? You tell me.


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