Punchline - You Couldn't Make it Up

The Thanet Gazette reports that the Punch and Judy Show at Broadstairs seafront has been told by Thanet Council it can't feature Mr Osama Bin Laden and Mr Saddam Hussein being beaten-up by Mr Punch and his partner, Judy.

Given Mr Blair's comments at his monthly press briefing this morning and his plans to change existing legislation to be less tolerant of those who support terrorism, you might have thought that Mr Punch on Broadstairs beach, might have been doing him a favour by using a piece of two-by-four on the modern symbol of international terrorism but then that's Charles Clarke's job isn't it?

Another example of local government political correctness gone mad perhaps and still only a month after the July 7 outrage in London!

Thanet Life


Anonymous said…
It seems that one 'concerned parent' objected. Who could this parent be? A potential terrorist perhaps?

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