Postcode Searches Can Lead to "Virtual Segregation"

The proliferation of websites providing house buyers with information on good and bad neighbourhoods could widen the divide between the richest and poorest places in the UK, according to new research.

The report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation warns that internet-based neighbourhood information systems (Ibnis) could lead to "online marginalisation" and "virtual segregation" of deprived areas of the country - See Silicon.Com

Type in the postcode of my own local authority in Margate into the government's own neighbourhood statistics database and the result is pretty depressing in terms of the comparative deprivation index

In the employment category, in my areas, 24.16 per cent of unemployed people were aged 50 or over, 8.27 per cent had never worked and 38.27 per cent were long-term unemployed.

Type in your own postcode here and see if the results are any better?

For other UK IBNIS services see:

Upmystreet - Gives useful local crime statistics too.
Scorecard - Offers useful environmental information.
Homecheck - Everything from flood risk to crime.


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