Online Anonymity Must Be Stopped?

If you thought by now the idea of online anonymity was settled, you'd be wrong. In an addition to a post on Copyfight, Donna Wentworth points to an article in the UK with someone from an IT security company claiming that "The ability to remain anonymous while surfing the web is dangerous." Of course, some might claim that the reverse is true as well. As with anything, there are tradeoffs, and freaking out about a system like Freenet (which is what the quote referred to) is completely missing the point.

The worries are that such systems will be used by terrorists -- but then ignores the idea that in taking away anonymity it opens up the very real possibility that the lack of privacy will be abused, allowing the government to take away free speech from those they disagree with. Besides, as we were just pointing out, just because you're anonymous online doesn't mean you can't be caught. There are enough tools out there to make people anonymous online that if they want to do so, they can. Making one particular system out to be "dangerous" does nothing to stop that. [via Techdirt]


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