Censor the Internet? Try Catching the Wind

Violent pornography may be repellent to most adults but banning it from British computers will be impossible

An evil place, the internet. When not tempting terrorists with sarin recipes, it is irresponsibly serving German cannibals their dinner, leading Japanese depressives to suicide and reuniting blameless friends to commit extramarital affairs. As if we weren’t being sufficiently depraved and corrupted, the Home Office has now uncovered a shocking online stash of extreme and violent pornography. It’s a wonder that Anglo-American forces have not yet invaded the net in search of the elusive, order-restoring “off” switch. - The Times Online


Anonymous said…
Terrible evil place, the internet :D. Why, through it I got to make friends with people I'd never have known about otherwise. I just can't forgive it!

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