Aggregation Farce

I've been trying to get a better quote on my car insurance this morning and so I used the Autotrader insurance aggregation engine to find the best quote across all the leading insurers. Could any, I wondered beat my Tesco price for the last twelve months?

After filling-in all my details, two insurance companies popped-up at the top of the list, Bells and the AA. Over £200 cheaper apparently, so I followed the link on one and then the other, to complete their forms - about ten minutes work - before finding out that they were both around £150 more expensive!

This is a farce. What is the point of having an aggregation engine if, after giving it all the necessary details, the premiums quoted by leading insurers are plain wrong. Is thideliberateet I wonder? A ruse to lure the prospective customer to their site, waste time and give them a useless quote. For now I'm staying with Tesco, I'm not playing the quote game any more this year!


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