Well, I didn't get to Sandown on the Isle of Wight after all. Sitting in Thanet this afternoon you might be forgiven for thinking that the sunshine and thirty degree heat extends across the country but it actually stops this afternoon on a line from Sittingbourne to Brighton.

Just in case Al Qaeda try and nick it!

I flew as far as Bognor watching the sky become progressively darker and listening to the controller warning of a storm moving across Benbridge to Bournemouth. By the time I reached Bracklesham Bay, there was no sign of the Isle of Wight, A big island shaped object which should have been visible to the south and so preferring not to fly towards the gathering darkness out to sea, I turned-around and dropped into Shoreham, regretting it almost immediately, because the landing fee is now £16.

Coming back to Kent, there's a curtain of heavy cloud stretching up to the Thames and the forecast for late this afternoon includes a risk of hail as well as thunderstorms. We need something to clear the air but we may yet see one of the heavy storms that soaked Yorkshire earlier in the week.


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