Infinite Waste

The Conservatives have exposed the massive waste of public money involved in botched Whitehall IT programmes. And Shadow Home Secretary David Davis has argued that the scandal undermines the credibility of the Government's proposed computer-based ID card system.

Figures compiled by the Party reveal that government departments have already overspent two billion on computer system upgrades over two years, with the figure expected to increase further. And more money has been wasted on schemes which have been set in train, then scrapped.

For example, a new courts computer with an original budget of £146 million, rocketed to almost 400 million; a move of the GCHQ spy centre computers to a new building cost a staggering £450 million, instead of the projected £20 million; and a new national insurance payments system turned out at £90 millions over budget, after mistakes and problems had to be corrected.

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