I've just found a completely new use for my Bluetooth earpiece as I paddled my kayak along the coast to Margate harbour this lunchtime.

Wrap my phone carefully in a "Stay-fresh" Tesco bag and I'm hands free all the way and able to take calls to my office, which just happens to be several hundred yards offshore at the time.

The sea today is like a Gordons gin bottle, flat calm and so clear under the boat, that there's no point going to the Cote d'Azur, as the Isle of Thanet is offering better weather this week. Along the way I spotted a number of pulsing blue and brown jelly fish, which is unusual so early in the summer. More evidence of global warming perhaps?

Margate from offshore looks quite picturesque with the beach almost empty. I managed not to drop my camera-phone overboard. Pity about the Arlington tower though.


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