Blogging from Amman

There may be wireless but the Ethernet connection in my room, here at the Intercontinental in Amman appears to be dead and so I'm sitting here, picking up my email in the hotel lobby over its open wireless connection.

3:35 this morning and the Muezzin's call to prayer wakes me, declaring that "God is Great" in the most resonant Arabic voice that I've heard in twenty years of travelling in the Middle-east. It was worth being woken-up for and one wonders at the discipline of the faithful who will be starting their morning prayers at his call at the first glimpse of dawn each day.

I've been asked to a meeting with the British Ambassador on Tuesday morning, so I have the next twenty-four hours to formulate a quick view on Jordan's national progress towards the goal of becoming an information society. I wonder if the hotel technician has the Ethernet connection in my room working yet?

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