That Monday Feeling

This morning, I'm depressed.

Government on both sides of the Atlantic appear hell-bent on the road towards the introduction of ID cards and the gradual introduction of a police state and democracy isn't what it used to be under either Government.

Ken Clarke, seriously imagines that as a leader of the Conservative Party, he might attract the affection of the voters - think again and Microsoft is launching its own Windows security service - see story below -

Even Star Wars Director, George Lucas appears to have seen the parallels with the politics and decline of the Roman Empire - not Ken Clarke though - in an interview he's just given. I think it's time for me to move to a "yurt" - felt tent - in outer Mongolia and put it all behind me but I can't, as I'm registered for VAT and PAYE, so I can't leave the country for more than three months at a time and without an ID card, they won't let me back in again if I return!

A first Pod cast attempt...! ARW-01.mp3


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