ISA Conference 05: Winning Strategies

On May 19 the Irish Software Association (ISA) holds its annual conference at Croke Park in Dublin. But this year, in many ways, is crucial for the simple fact that the Irish economy is faced with some stark international realities.

The theme of this year's ISA conference is "Winning Strategies." One of the premier events in the software and information technology calendar it is an excellent opportunity for software companies to meet with peers and discuss today's challenges in developing and selling software, as well as listening to high calibre international and Irish presentations.

The conference will give a global picture of emerging opportunities for the Irish software industry. It will also address in detail the strategies that must be deployed to allow Irish software entrepreneurs to develop successful software companies of significant scale.

Simon Moores will discuss how Irish software businesses remain ahead of the curve. and how he sees the future for IT in the workplace. His insights will help guide any software company in trying to decide on product or services strategies. Many large organisations and the media have called on him around the globe to advise and guide them as they attempt to plot the future of the Software sector. He has been researching the Irish market for some time and will give his considered opinion on the product strategies that have been adopted to date.


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