Thanks to the Red Arrows who gave Charlotte a small display on request this afternoon.

Originally uploaded by DrMoores.

We were coming back towards Manston, when I heard them returning on the same frequency, clearing the skies ahead of them as they hurtled at low level down the Thames Estuary towards Thanet.

"I've got a ten year old fan in my right hand seat", I told them and the Manston controller, "Do you mind if I position over the lakes and watch you come in?"

"Alright", said 'Red One', stay eight miles clear to the south and we'll do a fly-by", and they did, along the Manston runway and then up vertically, breaking in a starburst in front of us.

Charlotte says "Thank you!"

PS.. Don't forget that the Red Arrows will be among the aircraft displaying at next month's Thanet Airshow.


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