Normal Service Will be Resumed

Finally escaped from London and the clutches of the KGB but only to discover that my laptop computer has died, possibly of overwork, on the way home to Thanet. As a consequence, there's a brief interruption to service, while I take it into M-Wise computers to see if it can be coaxed back into life.

General Boris Miroshnikov of the MVD (k)

I also discovered during my stay in London that Nikon cameras don't bounce and my own is now on the way back to the repair centre. This doesn't stop me taking photos as I have a smaller digital Pentax but include the fact that I left my phone charger in the hotel room, then it all adds up to a day where I'm coming digitally "unglued".

By the way, you can see a slide show of photos, my quick snaps from the eCrime Congress HERE.


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