Chavoir Faire

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Just back from a cheese and wine raid over to Abbeville. What astonished me is the appearance of French "Chavs", lots of them, almost identical to the Thanet variety but rather better dressed, as one might expect, in designer hooded jackets, Nike trainers and baseball caps.

Have the British I wonder exported "Le Chavism" to Normandy and why would the French want such a thing anyway?

In fact, the American "gangwear" industry has a great deal to answer for on both sides of the English Channel but at least most fashion-conscious and bored-looking French youths wouldn't be seen dead drinking lager or having themselves tattoed or pierced in unusual places.

Abbeville Airfield
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Having landed at the absolute madhouse of le Touquet airport to clear customs, there was of course nobody there and nobody at Abbeville either. It does rather make a mockery of the anti-terrorism legislation, which is rather one-sided in Europe from what I saw today.


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