A Bird in the Hand

I seem to have found myself working as co-pilot on both the Labour and the UKIP aircraft on Election Day. As my politics extend to neither it may be an interesting short story to write on 5th May.

International election observers welcomed at the port of Ramsgate

My car has just been attacked for the “umpteenth” time by a local hooligan. He’s not wearing a hooded sweatshirt but has shifty yellow eyes, a “F** You” expression, feathers and a rather wicked looking beak. If having the Seagulls tearing one’s rubbish bags to pieces aren’t bad enough, this one is attempting to use its beak as a tin-opener on my car roof. Of course throwing anything heavy at the "HooliGull" is only likely to do damage to the car and if the bird could stick two fingers or feathers up at me, it probably would!


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