Obituary for a Hamster - Bye Fluffy

My daughter's Hamster, Fluffy, just passed on and I'm very touched at the way she did.

I've seen countless Hamsters in my time, my own, my sister's and even my ten year old daughter's but Fluffy was the most unusual, more like a small affectionate dog than a rodent, quite docile and would happily watch Disney channel on her lap or shoulder in the evening.

Possibly the world's oldest living Hamster, we knew today the end was near as she could no longer struggle up to the top floor of her three story Hamster "penthouse" for water and needed warming-up by hand , Some thirty minutes ago, my daughter intuitively "knew" there was something wrong. She retrieved Fluffy from her impenetrable nest, called me in and as a "Doctor", I confirmed that the end was near. Cradled gently in her small hands, Fluffy then took two short gasps and was gone.

Most of us won't pass away as easily as this and even though my little girl is distraught, I have to thank the little creature for the lesson that she taught a child about those moments between life and death, in the manner of her leaving.


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