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Moores - Coastguard Flight
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It's so hot here in Oman that Last week's two hundred foot run along the Kent coast in the rain and low cloud feels almost nostalgic. Mind you, if your'e reading this over a wet British Eater holiday, your'e going to have absolutetely no sympathy with my sunburn!

From reading the front page of the local newspaper this morning, it appears that local police have arrested members of a "Banned Group". It doesn't say which group such people may be members of but reading between the lines, one has to speculate that the may be associated with Al Queda, a forbidden word in this country.

Anyway, the Omanis are so friendly and pro-western that they aren't going to take any risks. It's a lovely place and well worth the visit if you ever find the chance.


Well i am certainly having a wet brittish easter so think yoursself lucky you dont have a cold!

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