Gear Down

Just under two hours to get home again from Leeds this afternoon,with a strong following wind and almost the same miserable weather as yesterday.

I had a presentation to give the Department of Work and Pensions annual conference this morning and quite possibly frightened a great many of those present with my view on how bad the online fraud situation rally is. They have a real challenge to meet. Not only do they have to be able to deliver a transactional service online to many of the neediest people in society but they have to be able to be sure that the person that they happen to be dealing with is actually who he or she claims to be. Of course, on the Internet, nobody know your'e a dog or so the saying goes and if the dog thinks it's entitled to benefit, then the Internet is where it stands the best chance of convincing government that it stands on two legs and not four.

Good thing dogs can't type or at least I don't think mine can!

PS.. the spell checker almost replaced "Neediest" with "Nudist" now that would have been embarrasing!


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