Fifteen Seconds of Fame

That's the standard BBC clip and yesterday I was amazed that the BBC "News at Ten" sent a film crew,the hundred miles down to Kent to interview me at my home. Surely it can't have been worth a four hour drive!

In fact, I was at the National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) office yesterday morning as the Sumitomo "Bank Hack" story broke. As a consequence, I found myself motorcycling into the Millbank TV centre, to do Sky News, ITV News and BBC 24. Thanks to the wonders of Vodafone voicemail, had arrived home,a hundred miles away, before messages from BBC 10' O'clock and Channel 4 news, from the same morning, caught up with my mobile phone. I wasn't riding that quickly, honest!

Add BBC Radio Scotland, Manchester, London, Oxford and German Public Radio interviews from home and I guess it was a busy afternoon and an ego trip gone mad.

Just had time to bury Fluffy the Hamster, with great ceremony, under the rosebushes and between radio interviews at 5:30.


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